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Viking Cam Question



Hi, I just got this machine for free and finally got a foot pedal for it. I have a manual ordered but I am eager to use the different stitches. I put the cams in the spot they are supposed to go and set the stitch selector and the width and link to the matching colors but it only sews straight. What am I doing wrong?
I appreciate your help.



Dear Lisa,

It could be several things...
Take the fashion disk out of the back of the machine and look inside to find a silver metal cylinder that the cam rides on. Then you'll see a black plastic cam that is attached to the cylinder- that could be cracked. Inspect it. If it is cracked you will need to replace it with part # 4111595-0G for $32.50 on www.sewingandvac.com

Thank you,
SewVac Doctor

I Forgot How to Use the Cams....

Question:I've forgotten how to use the zigzag "cams" that provide different stitch patterns. I've got it inserted, but stitch is not forming.Thank you!Answer:Adjust the width to a wider length. We do have an instruction manual available for your machine at www.sewingandvac.com which explains how to use the cams as well as many other questions that [...]

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Bobbin Will Not Wind Evenly

Question:Machine is a Simplicity 1500. Bobbin will not wind evenly. Can you tell me what to do? Thanks!Answer:Guide it on with your fingers. Thats what I do. Thank you,SewVac Doctor

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Threading My Machine

Question:Hi, My Aunt gave me her old Westinghouse (Style 52) sewing machine. There are no instructions. I can't for the life of me get the bobbin threaded. Please help. Thank you. MaryAnswer:Dear Mary,If you send me a picture of the machine, I will be able to help you. Thank you,SewVac Doctor

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No Zig Zag or Buttonholes?

Question:I have an older sears Kenmore sewing machine. I've read the directions, but I can't get it to zig zag or do button holes. BuffyAnswer:Is it because you do not know how to, or because the machine won't perform the operation? Send me a picture of the machine and I will be able to better [...]

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Deluxe Precision

Question:I have a portable machine that is a Dial N sew made in Formosa. Deluxe Precision.  Can you tell me anything about it? Thank you. JodyAnswer:Dear Jody, What do you want to know? Please respond with a picture of the machine. Thank you, SewVac Doctor 

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Kenmore 117-720

Question:Dear Sew Vac Doctor, I bought a 1956 Sears Kenmore sewing machine at a Goodwill store and would like to know more about it. It came with the original bill of sale from the purchaser back in 1956. It is in a wooden cabinet, the top flips out to create an extended work area and [...]

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Zig Zag on my 401A

Question:I just bought a Singer 401A,but haven't been able to sew the zig zag,it has one cam inside the machine,and the knobs they turn but I just don't know how to make it use the zig zag ( I have a 15-88 and a 328K) and been sewing for quite some time.  Any help will [...]

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Free Westinghouse Info

Question:Dear Sew vac doctor: I purchased a Free Westinghouse machine model ALC, type E.  What year was this manufactured?  Where can I get a manual?  Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Joslyn Answer:Dear Joslyn, I would need to see a picture of the machine to be able to help you. Thank you, SewVac Doctor 

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Mass Amounts of Thread!!!

Question:I have a Singer 6106. I can't seem to put the bobbin in the machine correctly. Every time I think I get it right, the thread from the bobbin comes out in mass amounts. Can you help? Answer:You are threading the top of the machine incorrectly. Just to make sure that what I'm saying is correct, [...]

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